Sunday, December 13, 2009

functional art

Once upon a time I wanted to create bizarre furniture for a living. These were the days before I was practical and realized it wasn't for me. I had an idea of opening up a store in a ritsy part of the country, catering to the extremely rich and weird. I now have a new dream and this one is -the one-. But a look back on my old inspirations is fun too.

The Spaghetti Bench by Pablo Reinoso is a combination of a piece of art and a functional piece. Many people question whether or not his Spaghetti Bench is practical, but it is sure not simple or discrete. The impressive design is outstanding, and no one could ever pass by it without laying an eye on the piece. It is shaped like a bench, but shape changes as the wooden pieces extends and twists into an interesting form which resembles a tree giving the wooden bench some life. Pablo Reinoso has created this bench as a part of a normal cell and spaghetti. And the result is absolutely fantastic. Awesome work, Pablo.

Some words about Pablo. Pablo Reinoso is an artist and a designer that lives and works in Paris since 1979. He designs scent bottles and furniture. He also creates fabulous works of arts such as sculptures, installations, and videos. Many of his works were displayed in galleries and attracted many admirers. He has shown an interest in furniture since he was 6 years old, and has drawn, made, and bought them as part of his collection at a young age. Pablo Reinoso is known for taking normal everyday furniture, and recreates them into something extraordinary. His projects have misleading appearances that seem unreal. [PabloReinoso via Toxel]

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