Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Portland is weird?

I have moved to the sunny Pacific Northwest. I only wish it would rain a little bit more.

I finished a painting today. Abe. I thought I was done with Abe, but he came back. He's a hanger-on. It's a sweet looking black and white miniature. I should get around to photographs in the next two days. I really like what I did with it.

I have been busy with job hunting and catching up on schoolwork. More art and music is sure to come.


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  1. Hello. I am trying to find the famous Nate Ashby. I went to your Abelicious show almost two years ago at Coal Umbrella in Provo. I desparately wanted to purchase one of your paintings at the time but I was a poor student and had to go without. I now have a job and would like to see about purchasing one of your Abe paintings. I saw your etsy page but I am holding onto hope that you might also still have some of the Abe paintings from your Abelicious show. Please write me at bradliggett[at]