Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday morning I had a final at 7:00. I left the house at 6:15 thinking I would get there a few minutes early....little did I know that a snowstorm came in. It was furious. It was end-of-the-world serious. Slide-outs everywhere one would look. I parked my car and was walking to the school (1 hour later) and I remember seeing my legs raise high at a 45 degree angle as I fell. That was a weird feeling seeing my head below my boots. I know several people saw me fall.

I did well on the final. I enjoy Astronomy. The final wasn't comprehensive and it focused on the Solar System. I still think it's fascinating how they came to the conclusion to declassify Pluto as a planet and instead relabel it a comet. (if you heard the explanation, you would agree with their decision)

Then it took an hour to get home when it normally takes 15-20 minutes.

Best part: it was all fine an hour later when the sun came out and cleaned up the streets.

Here are some beautiful paintings I've listed in the past two days.

Cigarette Abe: I don't know why he is smoking in this one. It just wouldn't be any other way. I am not a smoker but I think smokers have lost all their rights recently...I just needed to stick up for them. My dad says he looks like Tom Waits in this painting, I agree.

Chess Abe: I look for any excuse to add in chess themes into my paintings. I love the game of chess and it just seemed natural for Abe vs the South. If anyone is up for a game, I play on under the name "ihavethreeheads".

No particular inspiration for this other than the fact I think it's kind of funny. Lincoln never did much in the way of ecology and he is still regarded as the greatest president of the USA. Ecology was never an important subject until recently, and I suppose thats unfortunate. It's ironic that the heaviest polluter in the USA is not a private is the government. Yet we all want the government to come in and save us from these evil businessmen who pollute the Earth. If we want to improve the Earth, we need to stop trusting GI Joe. The frame and masonite this was painted on is 100% pulled out of the trash. This is genuine recycling.

Steampunk Abe: I've always liked the genre of 'steampunk'. Steampunk is a science fiction world where the industrial age comes a lot sooner than the postbellum 1870's and on. The best definition I heard of steampunk is a world where Leonardo Da Vinci focused on his inventions instead of artwork. In this world, the industrial revolution comes in the early 1600's. Very cool. We'd see steam-powered crawling cars and airships. I personally like this one a lot.

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